The Long Walk


The Long Walk (154 Words)

“Are we there yet?” said the littlest gnome.

There was no immediate answer. The gnomes walked much as they had walked for many months, slow and patient.

“No,” said the leader. “There are still miles to go yet.”

The littlest gnome stumbled. She was tired, so tired. “I don’t want to go on,” she said. She sat down. “I want to rest.”

The gnome nearest her lifted the little one easily.

“If you knew where we are going,” he said, “you wouldn’t be resting. You’d be running.”

“Where are we going?” asked the little gnome.

His voice was even and slow, like their steps. “To the wide green,” he said, “and trees beyond number. When we get there I’ll build you a home of your own, little Oma, and you will pick flowers four seasons out of the year. Would you like that?”

A soft snore answered him. The little gnome had fallen asleep.


Written in response to Jennifer Goldberger’s beautiful painting, “Blush & Navy.” Check it out and support the artist!

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