Evening Mischief


Evening Mischief (117 Words)

“Psst! Come on!”

She couldn’t resist. Edna could never resist those dancing black eyes, Miguel’s hand light on her arm.

“If my parents miss me,” she said, “we could both be in serious trouble!”

“What’s a moment’s trouble,” Miguel teased, “for a memory that will last us a lifetime?”

The street outside was empty. All the townspeople would be at the square, celebrating the governor’s mother’s ninety-seventh birthday. Even where they were, faint sounds of music came to them on the warm wind.

Miguel took her hand and led her out into the center of the road. The rays of evening sunlight glowed in his eyes and turned his dark hair gold.

“Now,” he said. “Let’s dance.”


Written in response to FFfAW’s Challenge. Check it out!


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