The Right Gift #writephoto


The Right Gift (119 Words)

No, not flowers. He liked flowers, but it didn’t seem right.

She sat, looking down at the quiet ground that was so unlike him. Davy had never been quiet. He had never stood still. Even in sleep, he was always tossing and stealing the blankets for himself. Peg’s mouth crooked in a smile. Darn it, she missed him.

But he wasn’t here.

She glanced up at the gray heavy sky. She was about to rise when cold lightness on her hand made her look down. The flake of snow melted at once, but more followed, a gentle windless shower. Peg’s throat tightened. She couldn’t smile again, but she knew that this was right. Davy had always loved the snow.


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo PromptCheck it out!

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