Goblin Glas

Art, Fantasy


Maybe you’ve wondered why Wallie and I were so silly as to announce our upcoming publication, Rozwal, when the publication date is all the way in October 2021. You’d be right to wonder.

The truth is, Wallie and me–Wallie and I–were preparing something else. We’ve written a crazy little novel, featuring full illustrations done by myself, and are very excited to announce its publication sometime this year, depending on the weather.


Here’s a teaser for the book:

The only thing worse than moving is moving to the Moon. Stacey Green hates the idea of living in a Far Side crater. She can’t even pretend to like a biodome of artificial sunlight and combo-gas. But Stacey’s Dad has been promoted from an Earth to lunar estate agent, and the financial perks are too good to resist. Stacey and the WSE (Worst Sister Ever) have no choice but to follow their parents to the Far Side of Doom.

It takes three whole days to fly the distance from Earth to the Moon. That’s 72 hours. Stacey knows she’s going to be bored out of her wits. She couldn’t be more wrong. There are stranger things than aliens in space. She’ll know that in 48.639 hours.

Green Hat is coming.

The book is young adult fantasy-science fiction hybrid. It is much stranger than it sounds. Basically, it’s space pirates, goblins, gobblings, and one or two dragons thrown in. Each chapter is illustrated with funny little pictures like this:


I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in the future. As always, advice and any other thoughts are welcome as we begin our adventure into self-publishing!

Do you believe in dragons?

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