A Dream of Light

Art, Fantasy


A Dream of Light (99 words)

He lit the candle and the golden glow, even half-shadowed, was immediate. It overwhelmed the light from the Aasfresser’s lamp.

“I’ve seen candles,” said the girl.

“Sure you have. But a hundred at once? That’s what it’s like, the sun. It’s like the light of a hundred and one candles. It’s wonderful warm.”

The girl stood looking down at the candle in the man’s lap. “Will it ever come back?”

“Of course it will.” The man coughed and gave the girl the candle, covering his mouth with his arm.

“When will it come back?”

“Soon,” he said. “Very soon.”


A short study from my novel-in-progress, Rozwal.

Written in response to Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Check it out!

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