Missing Treasure


Missing Treasure (178 words)

  “No no, it was here. I’m sure it was here.”

The pirate crew exchanged uneasy glances. Mr. Steamroller held up the map for another scientific study, the latitudes, longitudes, significant markings and conclusive X. Yes, the treasure should have been here. It wasn’t, and that was final, too.

“Someone must’ve got here before us,” said the old salt. “We’re too late.”

Jean raised looked up from the pit they had dug in the sand. There was a lot in that look, wariness and disappointment. He was, after all, only an elected officer. His crew had followed him past sea serpents and through typhoons on the promise of treasure and were well in their rights to mutiny. He was half in the mood for mutiny himself.

Mr. Steamroller held out his hand to help him up. “Are you hungry, Cap’n?”


Mr. Steamroller nodded. “There’s no treasure, sure, but this is a handsome mango grove. Sweet water, mangoes, and a little chicken is what I’m wanting. What d’ye say, lads?”

“Chicken!” said Mika joyously, and even Weeping Willy smiled.


Just a little word sketch. Wallie and me loved pirates. Sometimes we do a sketch or two of a misadventure, just for fun. Any and all spelling errors are Wallie’s fault. And no, the sun in our drawing does not look like a fried egg.

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