Magic and Spies

Magic and Spies (200 words)

“But it’s real…I’m telling you, they were just here…”

Agent Z was very unamused and equally unimpressed. “Mr. Gray, thank you. We of course appreciate your handling of the situation, and understand entirely if you need to take a few days off to recover yourself.”

Mr. Gray flushed. “Yes, but, I don’t need—”

“Agent Gray.” Agent Z cut him off. “Good morning. Goodbye.”

Maybe she was right. Mr. Gray looked around him miserably, the empty field all hazy with morning mist, and could see for himself how bad it looked. There were no fairies, no goblins, no little imps.

“But it’s real,” he said under his breath. “I could’ve sworn…”

He couldn’t explain the lump that rose in his throat at the thought that it might not be real after all.

The pinch on his leg was very real, and Mr. Gray jumped, looking down at the grinning fairy’s face. They were all peeking out at him now from the sheltering grass.

“Where were you?” said Mr. Gray crossly. “This wasn’t just me, you know. Your people were involved, too! Half the problem was your fault.”

“We trust you,” said the littlest fairy.

Mr. Gray opened his mouth to answer, and closed it again. He wasn’t sure he had an answer for something as simple as that.


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Check it out!

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