The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes #writephoto

The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes (166 Words) It was a shame, because she specialized in them. She knew how to find that symmetry, that poise, that would bring out the art in any figure. But she told me one time when I was with her in her studio, that she didn’t like them. AtContinue reading “The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes #writephoto”

Goblin Tree

Goblin Tree (158 Words) Once, a goblin stole whatever he could from a human village, jewels, apples, and buttons. He was lean-limbed with fierce gold eyes, but his hands, though slender, were like talons. His one weakness was a human woman. When their love became known, the village threatened her if he did not surrenderContinue reading “Goblin Tree”

Hard-Working Fairies

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Hard-Working Fairies (92 Words) Of course Captain Roberts knew about the fairies. He was proud of them. Roberts had retired from the sea when his health broke with the rough weather, and his happiness was divided between his wife, who owned the tavern, and the tribe of fairies who helpedContinue reading “Hard-Working Fairies”