Pressed Flowers


Pressed Flowers (228 Words)

She found them pressed between the leaves of one of her childhood favorites. The flowers were flat, pale purple. She didn’t remember when she had put them there.

“What is it?”

Eddie was watching her,  bent over the box he was packing. It would have been easier to hire movers, but they had both wanted to save money. Em shrugged under her husband’s curious eye.

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The Star Balloon


The Star Balloon (201 Words)

She was looking at the sky. It was a wide open sky, clear and blue. It had that color and brightness that can make your eyes water. But Annie stared straight up, watching the white lines of cloud pass like light gossamer threads in wind.

Somewhere behind all that blue were other worlds. Annie knew this was true. It was a simple scientific fact that stars shine even during the day. You can’t see them, but they are there, millions upon millions of lights.

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Winter Child


Winter Child (488 Words)

There was a man who walked this road a very long time ago, when the ground here was all shrubs and long gray grass. Every morning, from early dawn to evening, he walked this way to work. And some time in his walking, he noticed a young girl.

She was a shabby little creature. She sat in her dirty brown dress with her knees pulled to her chin, watching the passersby. The first time he saw her, the man imagined her parents had told her to wait. The second time he knew she must be lost.

“Where are your parents?” he asked her.

The little girl stared at him. She had enormous eyes.

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The Patchwork Flag


The Patchwork Flag (169 Words)

“It’s raining.”

“Aye. It is.”

She could feel his eyes on her. She didn’t look up from her work, her precise needle stitching together corduroy and silk.

Her husband sat beside her. He lifted the patchwork at one fold, feeling the texture.

“Is this Maggie?”

The woman raised her head, her face inscrutable. “Yes. It’s Maggie.”

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