Wallie Melancholy


It’s one of those days. A phone call (or none). A letter. A cloud over the tree. Wallie the Imp and I are not our usual cheerful selves. And as usual, when no spoken word can work out the knots in a melancholy mood, the written word sometimes comes through just right. It’s time for contemplation, an apocalypse, a woman not of this world and a man who very much is. It’s time for a little low music.

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Dragons, Imps, and Baby-Sitting


Today’s prompt posed a difficult challenge. My Friend and I were entirely stumped to reveal the best advice we had ever been given. My Imp came to the rescue. He told us he remembered an episode from the ancient days, when an acquaintance of his was charged with looking after someone else’s baby for an indefinite period of time. At that time, the sympathy and encouragement of an older person proved invaluable.

Also, please excuse the quotes–old habits die hard.

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Mad for the Hatter

walliehatThe truth of the matter is, in addressing this confessional prompt—that is, the call to describe a time when you were furious out of your senses—Wallie, my Friend, and I were unwilling to think beyond acknowledging that we had perhaps known anger once, prior to evolvement.

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Planet of the Imps


When my Imp and I realized today’s prompt for the Daily Post, we were naturally eager to participate. But our interest was in no way matched by the whole-hearted enthusiasm of my Friend. He threw himself into the creation of a planet as if it were the end of the world.

Wallie the Imp was annoyed. He is a conceited little fellow, and if he thinks his own ideas are being passed over for someone else’s, he’s apt to show his temper in squeezing out toothpaste tubes, soap bottles, and shampoos.

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Wallie on Robots


Happy Easter from Wallie’s Wentletrap!  It being Easter, Wallie, my Friend, and I have been mulling much over the spiritual nature of this odd old world we live in. And since we can’t seem to avoid mixing a little strangeness into our philosophizing, I’ll share with you the result of a preoccupation with Christianity, sci-fi, and a fascinating course in modern literature.

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Wallie the Imp on Wringing Words


Wallie the Imp likes to read. In Impland, Imps admire books for their practical usefulness: you can read them, write in them, and chew on them. Wallie tells me that nothing tastes better than a nicely yellowed paperback.

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Wallie the Imp on “O”

 wallie_o_2Wallie the Imp and a Respectable “O”


Wallie the Imp is confident I cannot write a paragraph or two without once using the letter “O.” It isn’t that I dislike “O” or wouldn’t want to use an “O” as a matter of course, for it is a very practical and altogether useful sort of letter—only, “O” was the first vowel to come to his mind. It reminded him of doughnuts and Imps are, as you may know, absolute devils for doughnuts.

I can never resist a challenge. So—“O”—, and without further ado—

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Wallie the Imp in Pennsylvania

Try to ignore Wallie’s bad posture in the picture above. He is an Imp, and Imps are notorious for bad posture.

Wallie loves to travel. The other day I asked him, “Wallie, is there anywhere you wouldn’t like to visit?”

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