Cave Dweller #writephoto

Cave Dweller (201 Words) When Annie was little, she had liked to watch the cave from the outskirts of the village. She imagined that a troll lived there, or an ogre, with the bones of its victims scattered around the floor. Then she imagined a wizard was hiding there, brewing evil potions. Or maybe itContinue reading “Cave Dweller #writephoto”

Honeysuckle Morning #writephoto

Honeysuckle Morning (213 Words) “I thought I might find you here.” Llwan raised his head. His mouth crooked when he saw her and he raised his flask in a half-salute. Gina sat beside him. She took the flask from his loose grip and sniffed. “Honeysuckle?” “The best.” The elf moved so she could sit besideContinue reading “Honeysuckle Morning #writephoto”

Elf at Oars

Elf at Oars (167 Words) “It’s fifteen past eleven. Where is he?” Roran met the young woman’s anxious eyes with dispassion. “It was your idea to steal the key in broad daylight,” he said. “That was wise. We cannot be hunted by the blood-drinkers at day and the human guards are not so clever. ButContinue reading “Elf at Oars”