Six Worlds

Six Worlds (273 Words) These symbols are a map. They are the six worlds in this part of the galaxy, separated by thousands of miles but linked by advanced transportation. My planet is the third, a golden land of deserts and rivers. It is the second and third, bare silhouettes on our-image map, that areContinue reading “Six Worlds”

Forgotten Frontier

Forgotten Frontier (199 Words) A headline. A mystery. Here is the outline, the sketch of a story that is and cannot be solved. Secured for the private use of our elite, a Model-X spacecraft is stolen. The location was classified. But people talk. Others listen. I listened for years, a menial with secrets of myContinue reading “Forgotten Frontier”

Tournament of Tempers

Tournament of Tempers (536 words) I would not submit and he knew it. The hard smile faded on Sperling’s lips, but his hand remained on my knee. “It is yours, is it not?” he questioned again. “Come, speak. You’ve tongue enough for all the world.” “It is mine, my lord,” I said. “Then you confessContinue reading “Tournament of Tempers”

The Sea Monster’s Love

The Sea Monster’s Love (455 Words) The young woman stepped into the surf. As her companion watched, the transformation came over her, shifting her shape to a monstrous serpent’s. Even though he knew her for a friend, the change made the man’s breath seize and his eyes widen. The serpent’s giant head swiveled, coming closeContinue reading “The Sea Monster’s Love”

Mermaid Makeover

Mermaid Makeover (194 Words) “My tail’s drying out again! Cora, please!” Dutifully, Cora emptied another bucket of salt water over her younger sister’s tail. The blue fish scales gleamed like jewels in the evening light. “You know,” said Cora. “I really don’t think he cares about your hair.” Anemone ignored her. She studied herself anxiouslyContinue reading “Mermaid Makeover”

Roses in the Window #writephoto

Roses in the Window When you see a window like this, you want one of several things. If you’re particularly dreaming, you want a fairy or a ghost. A fairy or a ghost should definitely be looking in just such a window, with the medieval ironwork and the glazed glass. If you are a highContinue reading “Roses in the Window #writephoto”