Spotlight (99 Words) This was it. The moment she had been waiting for. Grace stood looking into the mirror. Her hair was brushed. Her lips were painted. It was a picture-perfect reflection. In the next room she could hear the other band members laughing, teasing. It seemed like an impossible dream that they had gottenContinue reading “Spotlight”

Never Buy an Online Restaurant

Never Buy an Online Restaurant (148 Words) It seemed like a deal too good to be true. Mick’s dreams of running his own restaurant seemed so immediate and so real that he closed the deal on Ebay and dropped out of school. He thought twice too late. The “restaurant” had clearly not been used forContinue reading “Never Buy an Online Restaurant”

It’s More Than a Doodle

It’s More Than a Doodle (180 Words) To be honest, Ms. Dailie always thought he was cheating, but the truth of the matter was Jim just couldn’t believe his eyes. He followed the motion of Sally’s pencil. He always knew that with a name like Sally she couldn’t be normal. During their math exam, heContinue reading “It’s More Than a Doodle”

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters (152 Words) Once upon a time there were three brothers who lived with their parents in the midst of a vast forest. If there were any other people in the forest, they knew nothing of them, for they found no trails other than those they themselves had blazed, and they found noContinue reading “The Three Sisters”

Music, Sort of. A Synthetic Solution.

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While I’m waiting for “The Three Sisters” to come out tomorrow . . . Back in 1972, on their first album after CSNY split, Graham Nash knocked off a little ditty called “Blacknotes,” released on the album Graham Nash David Crosby. At only 58 seconds, the tune barely had time…

Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs

Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs (138 Words)  “That’s not how we bury our dead in Chormat-Dor.” Anna looked down at the souvenirs from a visit to the museum, small-scale replicas of Egyptian mummies. She glanced at her companion, blue-lipped and red-eyed. “Really?” she said, uneasily.