The Drum and the Harp


The Drum and the Harp (99 Words)

The whole city was in the city hall, I swear, to hear Bob and Kevin face off. Those two had been at each other’s throats since they were first neighbors, and it was time something was done.

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The Littlest Wizard


What would happen if Harry Potter were cursed with–babyhood? What if the only one he trusted to care for him was Severus Snape, the most acidic and unforgiving professor at Hogwarts? These are hypothetical questions Wallie and I explore in–“The Littlest Wizard.”

The Littlest Wizard (2039 Words)

Harry was crying.

Snape lay motionless, his eye glinting in the darkness, and prayed he would quiet. He had held the child once. It didn’t settle well to think of doing it again. How like his father indeed, to care only for his own comfort and feeling. It could not be dawn, but here the boy was, wide awake and hardly minding if he woke others. Snape wondered if McGonagall could hear from her bedroom. From the general stillness of the place, he doubted it. And from the very manner of the infant’s distress, he was not surprised.

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