Fairy Child


Fairy Child (558 Words)

It was just like he remembered. The carved stone, mottled-colored with moss, the shadowed garden. The area was well-tended.

“Is that a bell, Daddy?”

The man looked down at the child beside him. The little girl’s arm was wrapped through his. She had seen the small bell fitted into a small alcove on the shrine, its dull metal glow just visible.

The little girl wrinkled her nose. “Are you going to ring it?”

“Maybe. In a minute.”

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Dragon Perilus


Dragon Perilus (386 Words)

“Do you know how much a dragon eats?”

Tom raised his head, squinting through his one good eye. “Ah—no?”

The keeper shook his head. “That thing may look tiny,” he said, “but it eats twenty pounds in a day.”

“Will it take fish?” asked Tom.

The newly hatched dragon was climbing up his waistcoat, its tiny jaws clamping on a button and wrenching savagely. The button held, but the little beast’s violence was alarming.

“Yes, it’ll take fish,” said the keeper. “And human flesh.”

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Calling all Imps!


Wallie, my Friend, and I are delighted to announce the publication of one of our very own short stories.  And from the perspective of dotty hopefuls, with all the clarity we can manage for being too excited to talk, let alone write with good manners, we wish to share our joy with you via the following shameless promotion.

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Cooking Up Fairies


When Wallie and I read today’s “Daily Prompt” the first thing I did was put Wallie in the kitchen with a plate of cookies and tell him to behave. If there is one thing Wallie is, it is not self-deprecating. He has a very high opinion of himself.

It can be awkward to share one’s strengths if you are insecure. Some people like to keep their cards hidden. I follow this line, preferring to show the product of my talent and see what others think without praising it myself. After all, it would be terribly awkward if you professed yourself the greatest poet who ever lived and then wrote, I don’t know:

“Tee-hee,” quoth she, and we were shot:

These classics without classic thought!

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