The Light that Passed and Shone Forever

The Light that Passed and Shone Forever (348 Words) Some people will tell you that when you lose someone, you grieve and move on. They tell you, and rightfully so, that the loved one who passed would not want to see you sad. They would want to see you as they knew you, living andContinue reading “The Light that Passed and Shone Forever”

Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto

Magin the Moon-Weaver (739 Words) There is a humorous story they tell in Dehr Los of the first time Magin met the Wanderer. Po (the Wanderer) went everywhere in those days, as drifting and tieless as a feather on the wind. He took odd jobs now and then to keep the flesh on his bones,Continue reading “Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto”


Waiting (176 Words) She’d stared out the windshield for hours. It was raining. She could see the rain running small rivers over the parking deck’s smooth concrete. She was gripping the wheel like she was going somewhere, but she wasn’t going anywhere. They had agreed to meet there at the Subway in the shopping center.Continue reading “Waiting”

Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt

Pip Pye-Ratt From the Diary of Pollye Pye-Ratt Dear Diary,  Hello again. Today Mama and I swabbed the deck. Mama says we have to keep the deck swabbed so the Moon Cheese’s boards won’t split. I wonder what would happen if the boards split. Maybe the boat would sink. I’m trying to imagine what a boat withContinue reading “Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt”

Ketchup, Ogres, and Fries

Ketchup, Ogres, and Fries (200 Words) “So this is where you ended up.” The waiter looked up from lowering the tray in surprise. He hadn’t recognized the person at the table until now. When he did, the man’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. “What are you doing here, Raz?” he said. “You’re going to get meContinue reading “Ketchup, Ogres, and Fries”

The Dragon’s Balloon

The Dragon’s Balloon (99 Words) “But how can it fly without any wings?” The young dragon looked up into Dhira’s face. Dhira knew the little dragon would never fly, not with its wings. She had found it in the woods, its weak wings fragile and undersized. Since then the old woman had cared for it.

A Stamp-Sized Wish

A Stamp-Sized Wish (97 Words) The rules were simple. Any request would be honored, any wish granted, so long as it was written on this paper with this feather. “Are you kidding me?” said Marge. Her fairy godmother shrugged. “I’m sorry, dear,” she said. “You just haven’t demonstrated a practical and mature nature. That’s allContinue reading “A Stamp-Sized Wish”

Snow, Man!

Snow, Man! (139 Words) It was a snowman at the edge of the playground. Seeing the snowman, Gracie rubbed her cold nose and sat down. “Gah,” she said. “What do I want to talk to you for?” The snowman didn’t say anything. “I shouldn’t even sit with you,” said Gracie. “You just didn’t snow hardContinue reading “Snow, Man!”

Ravens in Reflection

Ravens in Reflection (99 Words) “But it’s just a bird!” The man shook his finger at the children around him. “You’ll hurt her feelings if you talk like that. Ravens are the soul of wisdom. They are harbingers.” The girl who had spoken wrinkled her nose and folded her arms. “Don’t look wise to me!”