When Rejection Strikes the Writer’s Life

When Rejection Strikes the Writer’s Life (169 Words) There are, perhaps, few things more damaging than rejection. In love as in friendship, in friendship as in writing, a word of rejection can cause the most torturous self-doubt. Now to be fair, a thrown-away love is a far worse tragedy than a turned-around manuscript and “NoContinue reading “When Rejection Strikes the Writer’s Life”

The Wind and the Widow

The Wind and the Widow (174 Words) Mrs. Lade found him in the creek just past Mr. Tips’s new fence. At first she thought he was only a lump of clothes, he was so thin and light. But when she realized she didn’t ask questions, but took the man in her arms like wet laundryContinue reading “The Wind and the Widow”

The Purple Nurple

The Purple Nurple (A Dragon Tale in 282 Words) Have you ever tried to give a dragon a bath? It’s no laughing matter. For one thing, like most sensible people, dragons don’t like baths. Unlike most sensible people, dragons breathe real fire, and so getting them to do something they don’t want to is allContinue reading “The Purple Nurple”

The Troll’s Apprentice #writephoto

The Troll’s Apprentice (464 Words) It was one thing to resist a lord’s command, but another, to ignore a child’s plea. So Orvald went to the elf. When he saw him, he forgot for an instant who or what he was, or had been, and saw only pitiable suffering. The troll nursed the elf-captain asContinue reading “The Troll’s Apprentice #writephoto”

Dragons and Fireworks

Dragons and Fireworks (309 Words) I found Grandpa talking to the salesman. They were leaning in the shade of the porch. It was early afternoon and hot for mid-July. “It’ll be good to get back,” said the salesman. “You haven’t seen anything like it. The city’s always alive.” “Oh I’ve seen it,” said Grandpa. “MyContinue reading “Dragons and Fireworks”

Hanging on Clouds #writephoto

Hanging on Clouds (293 Words) There are some ideas that can only be summed up by a picture. Telling the idea is never as good as the picture itself. I wish that I could speak you a sunset, but you have to feel its warmth; I wish that I could speak to you the reflectionContinue reading “Hanging on Clouds #writephoto”

Candle Dancing

Candle Dancing (200 Words) She lit the candle. The flame was small at first, like a small glowing drop at the bottom of a waxy mug, before it blossomed to fullness. “Took you long enough!” Louise glared. In the shadows and warmth of her dining room, she could just make out the fairy girl. “Alright,”Continue reading “Candle Dancing”