Roses and Stone #writephoto

Roses and Stone (193 Words) It was all that he had left. All that he had left of a memory. For a moment he sat, turning the stone in his hands. “This is ours, Ellan. Ours forever. Mrs. Coleman said she’d give me some cuttings from her rose and we’ll plant them out front. CanContinue reading “Roses and Stone #writephoto”

The Good Vampyre #writephoto

The Good Vampyre (522 Words) ‘You knew she was a vampire.’ ‘I swear I didn’t.’ She met his wild glance with pain of her own. ‘Then why are you here?’ she asked. ‘Robin? What are you doing?’ ‘I found out as you did. If I had known, could I have kept it from you? HaveContinue reading “The Good Vampyre #writephoto”

Painting in the Window

Painting in the Window (280 Words) I always wondered who put the picture there. It had been hanging on the bedroom wall when we moved in, and neither Cal nor I seemed to want it down. It surprised me that Cal didn’t complain. He was always a little impatient of art, calling it frivolous andContinue reading “Painting in the Window”

Wishing Rock

Wishing Rock (159 Words) She reached the rock at twilight’s early colors. The stone’s peculiar shape, the deep bowl at its center, reminded Alice of a well. Perhaps that was why it was known as the “wishing rock.” There was water in the basin, but it was shallow and green with resilient plant life. AliceContinue reading “Wishing Rock”

Lady Moth and Mr. Rat

Lady Moth and Mr. Rat Said Mr. Rat to Lady Moth “My Lady Moth, pray don’t be wroth— Well do I know I am below Thy fair and free society— Yet of your wingèd majesty There is one thing I beg of thee; One plea I tender for my life— I beg that you willContinue reading “Lady Moth and Mr. Rat”