Thinking Stone

Thinking Stone (516 Words) The day after her eighteenth birthday, Princess Tana’s parents told her that it was time to marry. Because their daughter’s happiness was everything, they promised she could make her own choice with one caveat. “If you aren’t in love within three months,” they said, “we will choose your husband for you.Continue reading “Thinking Stone”

Lady Melodia

Lady Melodia (200 Words) “Mom, why are we here?” said Katy. “Hush, Katy.” Katy was tired, carsick, and she just knew the hotel they were staying at wouldn’t have Wi-Fi. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Sure, the break-in at their house was unexpected, but this was an extreme response. “I think it’s stupid,” sheContinue reading “Lady Melodia”

Uninvited but not Unwelcome

Uninvited but Not Unwelcome (99 Words) Bats are whispering, fluttering creatures. Their furry bodies, their reptilian wings, are such a contrast of the charming and repulsive that they catch the unready mind off guard. For dragons as much as humans, bats are a surprise. “You’re not a little dragon,” said Smoak, “and you’re not aContinue reading “Uninvited but not Unwelcome”

Cave Dweller #writephoto

Cave Dweller (201 Words) When Annie was little, she had liked to watch the cave from the outskirts of the village. She imagined that a troll lived there, or an ogre, with the bones of its victims scattered around the floor. Then she imagined a wizard was hiding there, brewing evil potions. Or maybe itContinue reading “Cave Dweller #writephoto”

Shuttle Driver

Shuttle Driver (117 Words) It had been twelve years since she had stood at that shuttle stop. But there he was, that same driver she remembered from when she was a kid. She smiled without thinking but she was smiling at a memory. He saw hundreds of passengers every day, hundreds of new faces eachContinue reading “Shuttle Driver”

Dragon Perilus

Dragon Perilus (386 Words) “Do you know how much a dragon eats?” Tom raised his head, squinting through his one good eye. “Ah—no?” The keeper shook his head. “That thing may look tiny,” he said, “but it eats twenty pounds in a day.” “Will it take fish?” asked Tom. The newly hatched dragon was climbingContinue reading “Dragon Perilus”