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Happy New Year from Wallie’s Wentletrap!



Wishing you a Snappy New Year!

–Wallie the Imp and Co.

Art Fantasy

Wallie the Imp on Sidekicks and Suits


Wallie the Imp loves Disney films.

He is driving my Friend and me crazy by going on and on about how unfair it is that Cinderella and Giselle, among others, have so much practical help from their animal helpers. He says it’s no wonder the villains are villains, when they get no encouragement from their non-human, inhuman friends to be socially active.

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Wallie the Imp on Unreliable Narrators


(Elizabeth Corry)

Wallie the Imp has always been fascinated by “unreliable narrators”.

So am I.

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Wallie the Imp in Ten Minutes


Wallie likes Imps. Wallie is an Imp. Perhaps that’s his trouble.

When Wallie heard about the Daily Prompt from the Daily Postwriting nonstop without thinking for ten minutes—he was naturally very excited. He thinks he is a better writer than he is and is always eager to show off.

The problem is, he only writes in Impish.

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Wallie on Apple Cider


Autumn is a season of endless possibilities.

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Wallie on Unkind Words


Yesterday, Wallie and I met an Unkind Word.

It was not a very nice Word at all.

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Wallie on Old Age


Wallie the Imp has a relative who visits him on weekends. He is very old and Wallie knows him very well. His visits always make Wallie worry about what it would be like to be an old Imp.

Wallie knows that when you are old you cannot do the same crazy things you did when you were young.

For instance…

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Wallie on Hats


Wallie the Imp is very fond of hats. Especially top hats.

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Wallie Introduces: It with an Eye


Before I knew Wallie, he met quite a few strange characters on his own. My Friend and I never expected to actually meet one of them.

We did.

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Wallie on Best Friends in Low Places


Wallie the Imp and I were walking through campus to meet my Friend. Wallie has a marvelous skill for not being noticed by strangers, so I was able to keep him with me. I daresay everyone thought I was a little off center for walking about speaking rudimentary Impish, but I had out my mobile, my cell phone, as a prop, and that made it all better.