Mermaids and Ceiling Fans

Mermaids and Ceiling Fans (160 Words) The ceiling fan wasn’t working and Jake was telling one of his interminable stories. There was no doubt he’d done a lot of traveling and adventuring in his day, but I’d never seen anyone so eager to flaunt it in the most unbelievable way. “With all that seaweed wrappedContinue reading “Mermaids and Ceiling Fans”

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers (178 Words) When Farmer Tye saw the dragon guarding a little brambly nest tucked under a bush, he knew what it meant. Baby dragons. “You leave that nest alone, Farmer Tye,” said his neighbor and friend Jimmy Quinn. Jimmy was a carpenter and very conscious of his crucial role in the village’s upkeep,Continue reading “Finders Keepers”

The Good Vampyre #writephoto

The Good Vampyre (522 Words) ‘You knew she was a vampire.’ ‘I swear I didn’t.’ She met his wild glance with pain of her own. ‘Then why are you here?’ she asked. ‘Robin? What are you doing?’ ‘I found out as you did. If I had known, could I have kept it from you? HaveContinue reading “The Good Vampyre #writephoto”

Dragon Sim

Dragon Sim (200 Words) “One day,” said Michael, “they’ll invent machines that are so good they aren’t even machines anymore. Then we won’t have to do this kind of thing.” Jen glanced at her companion. He crouched on the floor of their transport while the other two trainees, across from her, looked out the windowsContinue reading “Dragon Sim”

Lady Melodia

Lady Melodia (200 Words) “Mom, why are we here?” said Katy. “Hush, Katy.” Katy was tired, carsick, and she just knew the hotel they were staying at wouldn’t have Wi-Fi. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Sure, the break-in at their house was unexpected, but this was an extreme response. “I think it’s stupid,” sheContinue reading “Lady Melodia”

Never Buy an Online Restaurant

Never Buy an Online Restaurant (148 Words) It seemed like a deal too good to be true. Mick’s dreams of running his own restaurant seemed so immediate and so real that he closed the deal on Ebay and dropped out of school. He thought twice too late. The “restaurant” had clearly not been used forContinue reading “Never Buy an Online Restaurant”

Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs

Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs (138 Words)  “That’s not how we bury our dead in Chormat-Dor.” Anna looked down at the souvenirs from a visit to the museum, small-scale replicas of Egyptian mummies. She glanced at her companion, blue-lipped and red-eyed. “Really?” she said, uneasily.