Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto

Magin the Moon-Weaver (739 Words) There is a humorous story they tell in Dehr Los of the first time Magin met the Wanderer. Po (the Wanderer) went everywhere in those days, as drifting and tieless as a feather on the wind. He took odd jobs now and then to keep the flesh on his bones,Continue reading “Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto”

Faerie Grad

Faerie Grad (910 Words) Amy had never been so pinched and pampered her whole life. The fairies washed her hair and scrubbed her face till her cheeks were sore and smarting. They dried her till she thought she might peel. And then they dressed her in gauzy fine things and tied lovely-smelling flowers in herContinue reading “Faerie Grad”

Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt

Pip Pye-Ratt From the Diary of Pollye Pye-Ratt Dear Diary,  Hello again. Today Mama and I swabbed the deck. Mama says we have to keep the deck swabbed so the Moon Cheese’s boards won’t split. I wonder what would happen if the boards split. Maybe the boat would sink. I’m trying to imagine what a boat withContinue reading “Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt”

Ketchup, Ogres, and Fries

Ketchup, Ogres, and Fries (200 Words) “So this is where you ended up.” The waiter looked up from lowering the tray in surprise. He hadn’t recognized the person at the table until now. When he did, the man’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. “What are you doing here, Raz?” he said. “You’re going to get meContinue reading “Ketchup, Ogres, and Fries”

A Stamp-Sized Wish

A Stamp-Sized Wish (97 Words) The rules were simple. Any request would be honored, any wish granted, so long as it was written on this paper with this feather. “Are you kidding me?” said Marge. Her fairy godmother shrugged. “I’m sorry, dear,” she said. “You just haven’t demonstrated a practical and mature nature. That’s allContinue reading “A Stamp-Sized Wish”

Pollye Pye-Ratt

Pollye Pye-Ratt (265 Words) Wallie and I are pleased to introduce you to the Pye-Ratts. Pollye Pye-Ratt and her family members featured in a very recent Computer Science project. Although the project was not graded as I and the Pye-Ratts had hoped, nonetheless the subject is still worth sharing. First off–Pollye is a mouse, notContinue reading “Pollye Pye-Ratt”

Goblins and Lipstick

Goblins and Lipstick (303 Words) It’s a funny thing when a goblin falls in love with a human, or vice versa. This goblin fell in love with a young man. And although the time spent between them suggested he wasn’t repulsed by her, the goblin wasn’t sure. She wasn’t a very good-looking goblin. But sheContinue reading “Goblins and Lipstick”

When the Road Met the Hill

When the Road Met the Hill (423 Words) The field ran so far, but the road would never meet the green hill that shadowed its north horizon. But roads have a particular longing to be all places at once. This one road wanted very much to meet the hill. But no one else wanted toContinue reading “When the Road Met the Hill”

Lady Moth and Mr. Rat

Lady Moth and Mr. Rat Said Mr. Rat to Lady Moth “My Lady Moth, pray don’t be wroth— Well do I know I am below Thy fair and free society— Yet of your wingèd majesty There is one thing I beg of thee; One plea I tender for my life— I beg that you willContinue reading “Lady Moth and Mr. Rat”