Uninvited but not Unwelcome

Uninvited but Not Unwelcome (99 Words) Bats are whispering, fluttering creatures. Their furry bodies, their reptilian wings, are such a contrast of the charming and repulsive that they catch the unready mind off guard. For dragons as much as humans, bats are a surprise. “You’re not a little dragon,” said Smoak, “and you’re not aContinue reading “Uninvited but not Unwelcome”

Painting in the Window

Painting in the Window (280 Words) I always wondered who put the picture there. It had been hanging on the bedroom wall when we moved in, and neither Cal nor I seemed to want it down. It surprised me that Cal didn’t complain. He was always a little impatient of art, calling it frivolous andContinue reading “Painting in the Window”

Water Prints #writephoto

Water Prints (427 Words) She didn’t live in town. The island population, a little under five hundred residents, was limited mostly to farmers and fishers. The moment Davie saw her sitting on the sand, looking out to sea with her knees pulled under her chin, he knew she didn’t belong. There was something unusual inContinue reading “Water Prints #writephoto”

Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs

Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs (138 Words)  “That’s not how we bury our dead in Chormat-Dor.” Anna looked down at the souvenirs from a visit to the museum, small-scale replicas of Egyptian mummies. She glanced at her companion, blue-lipped and red-eyed. “Really?” she said, uneasily.

The Light that Passed and Shone Forever

The Light that Passed and Shone Forever (348 Words) Some people will tell you that when you lose someone, you grieve and move on. They tell you, and rightfully so, that the loved one who passed would not want to see you sad. They would want to see you as they knew you, living andContinue reading “The Light that Passed and Shone Forever”