Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto

Magin the Moon-Weaver (739 Words) There is a humorous story they tell in Dehr Los of the first time Magin met the Wanderer. Po (the Wanderer) went everywhere in those days, as drifting and tieless as a feather on the wind. He took odd jobs now and then to keep the flesh on his bones,Continue reading “Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto”

Nothing but the Distance

Nothing but Lights (173 Words) Is that it? The dragon’s voice was in his head. Eric almost lost his grip on the halter buckled on her shoulders, surprised again by her telepathy. Ovah was an enormous beast and the city was far, far below them. Eric closed his eyes, using his mind to speak toContinue reading “Nothing but the Distance”


Fire-Blood (691 Words) The downstairs infirmary was silent and empty. Medicine jars and torn blankets were shattered and strewn across the floor. Sister Bierce was glad for the disarray only in that it emphasized abandonment and disuse. Dragonkind was not permitted in the abbey and allowed on the outer courts only by special exception. AndContinue reading “Fire-Blood”

The Dragon’s Balloon

The Dragon’s Balloon (99 Words) “But how can it fly without any wings?” The young dragon looked up into Dhira’s face. Dhira knew the little dragon would never fly, not with its wings. She had found it in the woods, its weak wings fragile and undersized. Since then the old woman had cared for it.

Ravens in Reflection

Ravens in Reflection (99 Words) “But it’s just a bird!” The man shook his finger at the children around him. “You’ll hurt her feelings if you talk like that. Ravens are the soul of wisdom. They are harbingers.” The girl who had spoken wrinkled her nose and folded her arms. “Don’t look wise to me!”

The Wind and the Widow

The Wind and the Widow (174 Words) Mrs. Lade found him in the creek just past Mr. Tips’s new fence. At first she thought he was only a lump of clothes, he was so thin and light. But when she realized she didn’t ask questions, but took the man in her arms like wet laundryContinue reading “The Wind and the Widow”

The Purple Nurple

The Purple Nurple (A Dragon Tale in 282 Words) Have you ever tried to give a dragon a bath? It’s no laughing matter. For one thing, like most sensible people, dragons don’t like baths. Unlike most sensible people, dragons breathe real fire, and so getting them to do something they don’t want to is allContinue reading “The Purple Nurple”