Lady Moth and Mr. Rat

Lady Moth and Mr. Rat Said Mr. Rat to Lady Moth “My Lady Moth, pray don’t be wroth— Well do I know I am below Thy fair and free society— Yet of your wingèd majesty There is one thing I beg of thee; One plea I tender for my life— I beg that you willContinue reading “Lady Moth and Mr. Rat”

The Song Without the Words

It’s Valentine’s Day. So… The Song Without the Words (789 Words) There was no question. There was a pause. But then he lifted his chin and she bent hers, and their lips met, soft. He closed his eyes but she did not, for a while; she concentrated hard on the curve of his features, andContinue reading “The Song Without the Words”

Some Things Never Change #writephoto

Some Things Never Change (167 Words) It was a monument to the transitivity of things. Someone, somewhere, had made this structure of perfect smooth stone. It had survived wars and weather. It had survived its makers. That dome and those stairs had stood for hundreds upon hundreds of years, the cold shell of a memory.Continue reading “Some Things Never Change #writephoto”

Castles and Carpeting

Castles and Carpeting (99 Words) The castle was different. The hanging weapons were taken from the walls and replaced with classical paintings. The dungeon was carpeted and clean. But ghosts are like fireweed, and I could see them in the eyes of my companion. “Let’s go,” I said. “No—wait.”

The Sea Monster’s Love

The Sea Monster’s Love (455 Words) The young woman stepped into the surf. As her companion watched, the transformation came over her, shifting her shape to a monstrous serpent’s. Even though he knew her for a friend, the change made the man’s breath seize and his eyes widen. The serpent’s giant head swiveled, coming closeContinue reading “The Sea Monster’s Love”

Planet Home

Planet Home (170 Words) She only had an hour’s supply of oxygen left. Dr. Burroughs supposed she should be readying herself for the inevitable. She said a prayer and unbuckled an arm clasp she always wore on her missions. “Come in,” she said, “please.” Nothing happened. “Come in?” she repeated. Somehow, she felt even moreContinue reading “Planet Home”

The Farmer’s Secret

The Farmer’s Secret (197 Words) The farmer wiped his forehead. “You look confused, son.” “I—it’s just, sir—sir, is that—is that corn in a wheelbarrow, sir?” The farmer smiled at his new help. The young man was too slim for heavy work, but he could be perfect for one job. The farmer had lost a lotContinue reading “The Farmer’s Secret”

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers (228 Words) She found them pressed between the leaves of one of her childhood favorites. The flowers were flat, pale purple. She didn’t remember when she had put them there. “What is it?” Eddie was watching her,  bent over the box he was packing. It would have been easier to hire movers, butContinue reading “Pressed Flowers”