Mermaid Makeover

Mermaid Makeover (194 Words) “My tail’s drying out again! Cora, please!” Dutifully, Cora emptied another bucket of salt water over her younger sister’s tail. The blue fish scales gleamed like jewels in the evening light. “You know,” said Cora. “I really don’t think he cares about your hair.” Anemone ignored her. She studied herself anxiouslyContinue reading “Mermaid Makeover”

Fairy Child

Fairy Child (558 Words) It was just like he remembered. The carved stone, mottled-colored with moss, the shadowed garden. The area was well-tended. “Is that a bell, Daddy?” The man looked down at the child beside him. The little girl’s arm was wrapped through his. She had seen the small bell fitted into a smallContinue reading “Fairy Child”

The Onyx Stone

The Onyx Stone (99 Words) The pendant reflected her face like the smooth surface of a midnight lake. She placed it in the snow, at the center of the forest clearing. “You found it.” She raised her eyes to see the man watching her. His appearance was mist-like, vaporous. “Yes,” she said. “Here. It’s yours.”

Holding a Star

Holding a Star (162 Words) There are times when fairies steal humans away, either for the short term or forever. This visit, hasty as it was, had been planned for two years. “Hold it tight,” said the fairy woman anxiously. “Don’t drop it!” The man with her was already fumbling his star. Not for theContinue reading “Holding a Star”

Sunset Stop

Sunset Stop (220 Words) This–is–your–fault. The sun was sinking, red and huge in the west. It colored everything in its brilliant glow, the rolling waves crimson and deep blue. The sand was like the sky itself, twinkling golden, silver, to velvet purple. And at the edges of the great welkin twinkled the first evening stars.Continue reading “Sunset Stop”

Together #writephoto

Together (281 Words) The turn in the road, the angle of the trees on the hill—it was all familiar. After all that had happened, Beck had expected home to feel like a dream. Instead it was a different reality. Yet her happiness at knowing her family’s cottage was just around the hill was strongest withContinue reading “Together #writephoto”

The Star Balloon

The Star Balloon (201 Words) She was looking at the sky. It was a wide open sky, clear and blue. It had that color and brightness that can make your eyes water. But Annie stared straight up, watching the white lines of cloud pass like light gossamer threads in wind. Somewhere behind all that blueContinue reading “The Star Balloon”

The Whale off Staten Island

The Whale off Staten Island (198 Words) You never know how big a thing is until you see it with your own eyes. I’ve seen a great many things, but of all the things I’ve seen I never saw this Whale that lived on the bottom of the ocean. That story is left to myContinue reading “The Whale off Staten Island”