Snow Cycling

Snow Cycling (198 Words) “Do humans really ride on these?” The fairy, Snowdrop, glanced at her companion as she shook a bag of snow over the lawn. It was the middle of the night and their faces reflected the golden streetlights. Skip, always curious, was looking at a bicycle. “I’ve seen people ride them,” saidContinue reading “Snow Cycling”

Grandmother and the Moon

Grandmother and the Moon (413 Words) There are many kinds of moons. There are red moons—blood moons—blue moons, orange moons, yellow moons, and sometimes even green moons. But there is something special about a silver moon. Not that the others aren’t special, too, in their various times and on any horizon. But a silver moonContinue reading “Grandmother and the Moon”

Before the White Peaks: A Gnoman March #writephoto

Before the White Peaks: A Gnoman March (206 Words) “Are ye sure ’tis this way, Shane?” “Aye, I’m sure. Keep up with me. Don’t drag your feet.” There were five gnomes, the tallest in the lead and the smallest at the rear. It was the second who paused, scratching his head. “Why mustn’t I beContinue reading “Before the White Peaks: A Gnoman March #writephoto”

Magic Gold

Magic Gold (154 Words) She sat braiding her hair. In the morning light the strands shone rusty brown. The young woman’s agile fingers weaved in and around each other, but her mind was elsewhere. She remembered gathering chestnuts last fall, and the man who had offered to buy her basket. “But, my lord! This isContinue reading “Magic Gold”

The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes #writephoto

The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes (166 Words) It was a shame, because she specialized in them. She knew how to find that symmetry, that poise, that would bring out the art in any figure. But she told me one time when I was with her in her studio, that she didn’t like them. AtContinue reading “The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes #writephoto”

Goblin Tree

Goblin Tree (158 Words) Once, a goblin stole whatever he could from a human village, jewels, apples, and buttons. He was lean-limbed with fierce gold eyes, but his hands, though slender, were like talons. His one weakness was a human woman. When their love became known, the village threatened her if he did not surrenderContinue reading “Goblin Tree”

A Bad Baby Bird

A Bad Baby Bird This was not a normal baby bird. For one thing, it was evil. It stared at Susan with evil beady black eyes, its head undulating and its mouth open wide. There was something malevolent in the way that baby bird kept its mouth wide open. Susan sat very still as theContinue reading “A Bad Baby Bird”