Hanging on Clouds #writephoto

Hanging on Clouds (293 Words) There are some ideas that can only be summed up by a picture. Telling the idea is never as good as the picture itself. I wish that I could speak you a sunset, but you have to feel its warmth; I wish that I could speak to you the reflectionContinue reading “Hanging on Clouds #writephoto”

Some Things Never Change #writephoto

Some Things Never Change (167 Words) It was a monument to the transitivity of things. Someone, somewhere, had made this structure of perfect smooth stone. It had survived wars and weather. It had survived its makers. That dome and those stairs had stood for hundreds upon hundreds of years, the cold shell of a memory.Continue reading “Some Things Never Change #writephoto”

Planet Home

Planet Home (170 Words) She only had an hour’s supply of oxygen left. Dr. Burroughs supposed she should be readying herself for the inevitable. She said a prayer and unbuckled an arm clasp she always wore on her missions. “Come in,” she said, “please.” Nothing happened. “Come in?” she repeated. Somehow, she felt even moreContinue reading “Planet Home”

Fairy Leaf

Fairy Leaf (198 Words) “A teacup?” Edwina was surprised. The fairy man watched her, shifting from first one foot to the other. “It’s a very nice teacup,” said Edwina, trying to reassure him. His iridescent wings quivered. “You like it?” “Yes,” said Edwina. “I feel like Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast.” The fairy manContinue reading “Fairy Leaf”

Roses in the Window #writephoto

Roses in the Window When you see a window like this, you want one of several things. If you’re particularly dreaming, you want a fairy or a ghost. A fairy or a ghost should definitely be looking in just such a window, with the medieval ironwork and the glazed glass. If you are a highContinue reading “Roses in the Window #writephoto”