The Good Vampyre #writephoto

The Good Vampyre (522 Words) ‘You knew she was a vampire.’ ‘I swear I didn’t.’ She met his wild glance with pain of her own. ‘Then why are you here?’ she asked. ‘Robin? What are you doing?’ ‘I found out as you did. If I had known, could I have kept it from you? HaveContinue reading “The Good Vampyre #writephoto”

Gifts of the Merking

The Gifts of the Merking (678 Words) There was a king, called Oldan, whose power was so great and so feared that it seemed limitless. Land and sea were subject to his will. The source of his power was magic books he had found in the sorcerer’s cave, the sorcerer himself long-dead. Because Oldan wasContinue reading “Gifts of the Merking”

Cave Dweller #writephoto

Cave Dweller (201 Words) When Annie was little, she had liked to watch the cave from the outskirts of the village. She imagined that a troll lived there, or an ogre, with the bones of its victims scattered around the floor. Then she imagined a wizard was hiding there, brewing evil potions. Or maybe itContinue reading “Cave Dweller #writephoto”

Wishing Rock

Wishing Rock (159 Words) She reached the rock at twilight’s early colors. The stone’s peculiar shape, the deep bowl at its center, reminded Alice of a well. Perhaps that was why it was known as the “wishing rock.” There was water in the basin, but it was shallow and green with resilient plant life. AliceContinue reading “Wishing Rock”

Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto

Magin the Moon-Weaver (739 Words) There is a humorous story they tell in Dehr Los of the first time Magin met the Wanderer. Po (the Wanderer) went everywhere in those days, as drifting and tieless as a feather on the wind. He took odd jobs now and then to keep the flesh on his bones,Continue reading “Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto”

Nothing but the Distance

Nothing but Lights (173 Words) Is that it? The dragon’s voice was in his head. Eric almost lost his grip on the halter buckled on her shoulders, surprised again by her telepathy. Ovah was an enormous beast and the city was far, far below them. Eric closed his eyes, using his mind to speak toContinue reading “Nothing but the Distance”

Faerie Grad

Faerie Grad (910 Words) Amy had never been so pinched and pampered her whole life. The fairies washed her hair and scrubbed her face till her cheeks were sore and smarting. They dried her till she thought she might peel. And then they dressed her in gauzy fine things and tied lovely-smelling flowers in herContinue reading “Faerie Grad”


Waiting (176 Words) She’d stared out the windshield for hours. It was raining. She could see the rain running small rivers over the parking deck’s smooth concrete. She was gripping the wheel like she was going somewhere, but she wasn’t going anywhere. They had agreed to meet there at the Subway in the shopping center.Continue reading “Waiting”