It’s More Than a Doodle

It’s More Than a Doodle (180 Words) To be honest, Ms. Dailie always thought he was cheating, but the truth of the matter was Jim just couldn’t believe his eyes. He followed the motion of Sally’s pencil. He always knew that with a name like Sally she couldn’t be normal. During their math exam, heContinue reading “It’s More Than a Doodle”

Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt

Pip Pye-Ratt From the Diary of Pollye Pye-Ratt Dear Diary,  Hello again. Today Mama and I swabbed the deck. Mama says we have to keep the deck swabbed so the Moon Cheese’s boards won’t split. I wonder what would happen if the boards split. Maybe the boat would sink. I’m trying to imagine what a boat withContinue reading “Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt”

Pollye Pye-Ratt

Pollye Pye-Ratt (265 Words) Wallie and I are pleased to introduce you to the Pye-Ratts. Pollye Pye-Ratt and her family members featured in a very recent Computer Science project. Although the project was not graded as I and the Pye-Ratts had hoped, nonetheless the subject is still worth sharing. First off–Pollye is a mouse, notContinue reading “Pollye Pye-Ratt”

Snow, Man!

Snow, Man! (139 Words) It was a snowman at the edge of the playground. Seeing the snowman, Gracie rubbed her cold nose and sat down. “Gah,” she said. “What do I want to talk to you for?” The snowman didn’t say anything. “I shouldn’t even sit with you,” said Gracie. “You just didn’t snow hardContinue reading “Snow, Man!”

Alice in Dunderland

Wallie the Imp and I love learning foreign languages. However, no matter how much one enjoys a subject, there are times when learning is less a pleasure than an exercise. Having learned only the rudiments of Impish myself, I have to admit that learning a language is slow going. And how better to explore this frustrationContinue reading “Alice in Dunderland”

Wallie on Difference-Making

With school semester underway, Wallie the Imp, my Friend, and I have given quite a lot of thought to our pasts, presents, and futures, and the people who have helped us get so far. Our parents and teachers figured prominently in our talk. My Friend and I wondered if we would ever make a differenceContinue reading “Wallie on Difference-Making”