The Waking

The Waking (1019 Words) He woke through stillness and cold. That waking was precarious, and came and went, like a lazy tide. But at last, consciousness impressed itself on him. He opened his eyes to the world again. Eddie breathed deep. The heavy motion almost made him cry out. His hand went instinctively to theContinue reading “The Waking”

Mr. Rat and Lady Moth

Mr. Rat and Lady Moth Said Mr. Rat to Lady Moth “My Lady Moth, pray don’t be wroth— Well do I know I am below Thy fair and free society— Yet of your wingèd majesty There is one thing I beg of thee; One plea I tender for my life— I beg that you willContinue reading “Mr. Rat and Lady Moth”

The Good Vampyre #writephoto

The Good Vampyre (522 Words) ‘You knew she was a vampire.’ ‘I swear I didn’t.’ She met his wild glance with pain of her own. ‘Then why are you here?’ she asked. ‘Robin? What are you doing?’ ‘I found out as you did. If I had known, could I have kept it from you? HaveContinue reading “The Good Vampyre #writephoto”

Faerie Grad

Faerie Grad (910 Words) Amy had never been so pinched and pampered her whole life. The fairies washed her hair and scrubbed her face till her cheeks were sore and smarting. They dried her till she thought she might peel. And then they dressed her in gauzy fine things and tied lovely-smelling flowers in herContinue reading “Faerie Grad”

Castles and Carpeting

Castles and Carpeting (99 Words) The castle was different. The hanging weapons were taken from the walls and replaced with classical paintings. The dungeon was carpeted and clean. But ghosts are like fireweed, and I could see them in the eyes of my companion. “Let’s go,” I said. “No—wait.”

The Onyx Stone

The Onyx Stone (99 Words) The pendant reflected her face like the smooth surface of a midnight lake. She placed it in the snow, at the center of the forest clearing. “You found it.” She raised her eyes to see the man watching her. His appearance was mist-like, vaporous. “Yes,” she said. “Here. It’s yours.”

Holding a Star

Holding a Star (162 Words) There are times when fairies steal humans away, either for the short term or forever. This visit, hasty as it was, had been planned for two years. “Hold it tight,” said the fairy woman anxiously. “Don’t drop it!” The man with her was already fumbling his star. Not for theContinue reading “Holding a Star”

The Shadow Maker

The Shadow Maker (195 Words) The Shadow Maker was thin and tall. You could tell he enjoyed his work from the way he smiled. His smile could be wide, but it wasn’t a sly smile like other long smiles can be. It was the smile of someone suited to his work. But today, he wasn’tContinue reading “The Shadow Maker”