The Merman

The Merman (315 Words) It’s a fact that you don’t see many mermen. I wonder if it isn’t because the merwomen keep them hard at work in the weeds under the sea. Of course merpeople are real. There isn’t any question about that. Perhaps mermen are shy. Maybe they would rather be tending coral orContinue reading “The Merman”

Magic Gold

Magic Gold (154 Words) She sat braiding her hair. In the morning light the strands shone rusty brown. The young woman’s agile fingers weaved in and around each other, but her mind was elsewhere. She remembered gathering chestnuts last fall, and the man who had offered to buy her basket. “But, my lord! This isContinue reading “Magic Gold”

The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes #writephoto

The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes (166 Words) It was a shame, because she specialized in them. She knew how to find that symmetry, that poise, that would bring out the art in any figure. But she told me one time when I was with her in her studio, that she didn’t like them. AtContinue reading “The Artist Who Didn’t Like Silhouettes #writephoto”

A Harp and a Ghost

For today’s Daily Prompt, “Entertain,” Wallie and I offer another snippet from a work-in-progress–a story in which a little girl is helped solving a crime by the ghost of a detective. The ghost is summoned to help her when Maddie plays a harp she found in the attic room. This is a scene in whichContinue reading “A Harp and a Ghost”

Goblin Tree

Goblin Tree (158 Words) Once, a goblin stole whatever he could from a human village, jewels, apples, and buttons. He was lean-limbed with fierce gold eyes, but his hands, though slender, were like talons. His one weakness was a human woman. When their love became known, the village threatened her if he did not surrenderContinue reading “Goblin Tree”

Unwanted Goblins and a Mostly-Blind Elf

Because you can’t be much more forlorn than that, can you? It was Wallie’s idea to post this. It is a little something from a larger project we are working on. *** The King-Goblin was  astonished. When he heard of Prince Ham’s capture, he had idealized their meeting as a clash of similar wills, theContinue reading “Unwanted Goblins and a Mostly-Blind Elf”

I Never Heard a Man Called Winsome

For today’s Daily Prompt, “Winsome,” I wanted to write something with a man who might be called winsome and a young woman who is definitely not. Wallie was bored with it. Wallie is not a winsome imp. *** ‘Are you given to imagination?’ ‘Why, yes.’ I puff my chest out with pride. Eddy snorts. ‘Indeed. I supposeContinue reading “I Never Heard a Man Called Winsome”

Allergic to Good Behavior

Well who isn’t? Here’s a very short fic following the tribulations and triumphs of a little girl who is allergic to good behavior. Little Gail Grey Little Gail Grey was marvelously horrid. She had her own room and her own set of colored pencils. She had her very own dollhouse, a closet that was twoContinue reading “Allergic to Good Behavior”

The Most Livable Curse

Devil of a Deal If I were forced to give up one sense for super-acuity in another, which would I choose for advancement and which—dear God, which—would I sign away as a handicap, dead to me and gone? “A gift, you say?” I said. “This is not a gift—it is a punishment!” The devil tappedContinue reading “The Most Livable Curse”

Because That’s What Snow Is, Right?

A little treat for the snow. You wouldn’t believe the bad rep it gets. Maybe you would. But…’tis the season for forgiveness? Snow A subtle difference is in the sky, A light to dream or softly whisper by— As if, with Heaven’s quiet grace endowed, A candle flame were whisk’d within each cloud, And showingContinue reading “Because That’s What Snow Is, Right?”