Silver Shells and Beads

Silver Shells and Beads (365 Words) His cousins were visiting. Tommy knew he should like it when his cousins visited, but they were a little older than him and always treated him like a baby. So when his parents and their parents went to the beach, Tommy spent most of his time playing in theContinue reading “Silver Shells and Beads”


Once upon a time, there was a man called Job. And one day, Job bought a lottery ticket.   Now, Job did not do this thing because he was a lazy or a greedy man. Job simply felt, as many do, that he should be provided for without having to labor and earn his breadContinue reading “JOB: A FAIRY TALE OF GOD, SATAN, AND US”

The Good Vampyre #writephoto

The Good Vampyre (522 Words) ‘You knew she was a vampire.’ ‘I swear I didn’t.’ She met his wild glance with pain of her own. ‘Then why are you here?’ she asked. ‘Robin? What are you doing?’ ‘I found out as you did. If I had known, could I have kept it from you? HaveContinue reading “The Good Vampyre #writephoto”