Art Fantasy

Wallie Introduces: It with an Eye


Before I knew Wallie, he met quite a few strange characters on his own. My Friend and I never expected to actually meet one of them.

We did.

Art Fantasy

Wallie on Best Friends in Low Places


Wallie the Imp and I were walking through campus to meet my Friend. Wallie has a marvelous skill for not being noticed by strangers, so I was able to keep him with me. I daresay everyone thought I was a little off center for walking about speaking rudimentary Impish, but I had out my mobile, my cell phone, as a prop, and that made it all better.

Art Fantasy

Wallie on Difference-Making


With school semester underway, Wallie the Imp, my Friend, and I have given quite a lot of thought to our pasts, presents, and futures, and the people who have helped us get so far. Our parents and teachers figured prominently in our talk.

My Friend and I wondered if we would ever make a difference ourselves.

Art Fantasy

Wallie on Fantasy (Or Is It?)


This little dragon (above) is not happy.  Someone told him that dragons and fairies aren’t real.  They also said that they were too old for fairy tales and children’s books.

Art Fantasy

Introducing: Wallie

What is a “Wentletrap”?

That is what Wallie would like to know.

This is Wallie.


Wallie is an Imp.


Wallie on Dragons


Wallie asked me the other day, “Do dragons have two legs, or four?”

It is an important thing to think about.

“Four,” I said. “No, two. It depends.”

It isn’t easy changing your mind in Impish.*